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GOOD TO KNOW - We advice you to fill in the application form as carefully and completely as possible: depending the provided information, some costs could be left out.


What does an certificate cost?

Depending on the type of product, more or less tests have to be done, and more or less time is needed. Therefore we need a clear product description in order to give a quotation (price offer) and time estimation. If you want a quotation, you can fill in our application form (see above).

What are the main steps in order to obtain a certificate and how long do they take?

Step 1: Testing: by a specified test laboratory as described on our list of laboratories (this document will be sent to you at your request)
Duration: Depending on the type of product test duration varies from zero months (no tests necessary) to maximum 6 months for OK compost and maximum 12 months for OK compost HOME.

Step 2: Certification: by Vinçotte (based on the test results)
Duration: In case all tests have been performed or in case no tests are necessary and all required product documentation is provided to Vinçotte, certification takes two or three weeks.

What documentation do I need to provide about my product?
  • Clear description of the product
  • Requested test reports
  • Samples of the product to be certified (see also question 4)
NOTE – All necessary information is requested in the application form (see above).
How do I know if my test reports are useful for the certification process?

If your test report is not coming from a laboratory that is approved by us (see list of approved laboratories *), a thorough check is needed in order to verify the test reports.
However you can check in advance if the following basic conditions are fulfilled:

  • The report must mention the reference of the standard of the used test method.
  • The report must not only mention the conclusion, but must also report the quantitative test results.

NOTE - The requirements for a test report are always described in the corresponding test standard.

How many samples do we need to send for the certification?

One sample for each product that will be certified is sufficient. In case a family of similar products is to be certified, it is sufficient to submit samples of representative “cornerstones” of this product family, completed with clear descriptions of the other family members.
Advised size for film samples: ca 10 x 10 cm or larger. Advised quantity for granulates: a handful.

Can my product be OK compost-certified if I did not manufacture it myself?

Yes, provided:

  • you conclude a model contract with the manufactured as provided for by Vincotte
  • your company appoints a coordinator responsible for all your company's OK compost certificates
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