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Vinçotte actively promotes relevant and documented declarations. That’s how Vinçotte is making a contribution to the harmonised development of alternative and sustainable technologies.
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OK compost – SINCE 1995

Vinçotte is faced with fresh challenges day after day. As an example, a Flemish environmental protection agency decided in the early 1990s to float the idea of using compostable bags to collect organic waste. As there were so many suppliers all saying they were able to provide compostable bags, Vinçotte was called in to check how true the compostability claims were. Adopting a proactive attitude towards the assignment, Vinçotte discovered a new need, developing the OK compost certification programme in the light of consultations held with specialists in various disciplines. Consequently, Vinçotte was well ahead of any other developments in the sector.

EN 13432 – SINCE 2000

Vinçotte pays constant attention to the CEN during the development of the European standards. Hence it also kept abreast of the process for developing a European standard for compostable packaging (EN 13432). Under this heading, the OK compost certification was consistent with EN 13432 as soon as it was adopted in 2000. All OK compost certified products are therefore completely in step with the requirements of the European standard EN 13432.
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OK biodegradable SOIL – SINCE 2000
OK compost HOME – SINCE 2003
OK biodegradable WATER – SINCE 2005
OK biodegradable MARINE – SINCE 2015

OK compost is a guarantee of compostability in an industrial composting plant. But what about guaranties for home compostable products? Or products that can decompose in earth or water? Vinçotte's OK environment product verification marks are the only ones of their kind to offer a customised certification label for each biodegradation environment. These labels both consistently complement each and are extendible.
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Vinçotte is a certification body authorised by European Bioplastics and may therefore award the Seedling logo to products that are in compliance with EN 13432. By awarding both the OK compost and the Seedling logo, Vinçotte's certificate holders have a way to give their compostable products recognition throughout the entire European market.

OK biobased - since September 2009

Via the "OK biobased" certification system, innovative manufacturers can have their declarations regarding the use of renewable raw materials officially confirmed by an independentt "OK biobased" certification.
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